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2013 CDC Funding Opportunities

Workforce Improvement Projects (WIPs) Overview

The WIPS cycle 1 deadlines have passed. The next WIPs cycle will be announced in late spring 2014.

The CDC has released the 2013 Workforce Improvement Projects (WIPs). An electronic copy of your PHS Form 5161-1 grant application and application cover sheet (Word) should be submitted to your respective Association no later than 8:00 p.m. ET on July 23, 2013. All applications will be objectively reviewed. Applicants should carefully review the application review criteria, listed in the WIP project description, prior to preparing your submission.

The announcement of the 2013 WIPs is one method used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to solicit proposals from eligible applicants from member institutions in topic areas that are of interest to the CDC Centers, Institutes and Offices (CIOs). WIPs focus on workforce development in various areas of public health practice in domestic or international settings. While these opportunities do not have committed funding, CIOs have a genuine interest in pursuing these activities. Potential applicants are encouraged to have a clear understanding of the intent of the WIP before submitting their applications. When submitting an application, it is important to view the listing of current FAQs, as well as the WIP-specific questions.

2013 WIPs Listing: Cycle 1b

The WIPS cycle 2 deadline has passed. The next WIPs cycle will be announced in February 2014.

Project No. Sponsoring CIO Title of Research Project Area Approx. # of Awards No. of Years Anticipated General Funding Level
2013(2)-N-0001OSELSEvaluation of the Public Health Quality Scoring Tooloneone$50,000

Funding amounts noted are estimates and are subject to availability of funds and includes direct and indirect costs.